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Welcome To Shobikaa Impex
Long Lasting Insecticide Incorporated Bed Nets are an effective and economical way to reduce Malaria. Not all bed nets are created equal. Shobikaa’s Dura Net© & Dura Net Plus© is a Long-Lasting insecticide Incorporated net (LLIN) developed and manufactured to save lives. Our products are a ready-to-use mosquito Bed Net, making it easy to deploy after it reaches location. Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), Shobikaa’s LLIN is strong and durable and will hold up well to everyday use and needed washings. Shobikaa further increases the malaria control capabilities of Dura Net© & Dura Net Plus© by incorporating a safe and effective insecticide called alphacypermethrin and alphacypermethrin with Piperonyl butoxide.
Our products provide up to 3 years of continuous Malaria protection and offer the most economical choice among all LLIN products. Our LLIN products provide 20 washes durability and regain full efficacy within 24 hours of washing. Unlike some other HDPE LLINs, no special heat treatment is required to stimulate regeneration of active insecticide.



Use and Care

Sleep under your net every night, all year round. Hang your net at a proper height so it can be tucked in.

Malaria Control

Malaria control is not a choice. The effect of malaria on our planet is devastating; it’s endemic in 106 nations and jeopardizes more than half the world’s population.

Quality Control

DuraNet© LLIN products are manufactured in accordance with Shobikaa’s ISO certified quality assurance system.